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Support Documents

Access PDF downloads aimed to give you all you need to help you successfully set up and run your school. 

Online Training

Access our online Learning Management System (LMS) and complete the training course in your own time.

Bespoke Training

We can work with you to design a bespoke training course for your teachers and volunteers. Please get in touch for more details.

BES Training Vision

Bible Educational Services aims to ensure that partners understand how Bibletime can be produced and used effectively within their context to reach children and young people with the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ.  

BES Training Aims

BES are committed to working with their partners to ensure that they are able to:

  • Understand who BES are.
  • Understand how Bibletime can be used in their context.
  • Equip a committed, local translation team with the support necessary to produce Bibletime lessons and Teacher Guidelines.  
  • Understand the need for reporting back to BES about Bibletime usage within their country.  
  • Function as an effective centre within their country to promote and use Bibletime.  
  • Recruit, equip and motivate a local team to use Bibletime to bring the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ to children and young people.  
  • Understand their responsibility to safeguard children and young people who use the Bibletime materials.  

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    Sharing Good Practice

    1. Define It

    Focus groups have gathered quality indicators from current centres’ systems and procedures.  A model has been produced to help centres to self-evaluate and to identify where they can further develop their local works.  

    2. Develop it

    BES Champions’ have been identified by the Training Committee.  These individuals are available to guide and support other partners in their area of good practice or area of expertise. 

    3. Discover it

    The sharing of good practice and the provision of the model for development is a valuable tool that encourages, envisions and embeds the good practice.  

    4. Disseminate it

    Disseminating the good practice through online Zoom seminars will enable people to be empowered with new ideas or new working patterns.  This new practice can then embed and bring about improvements.  This makes changes to country systems, the delivery of Bible lessons, the use of Bibletime and the evaluation of how the resources are being used and reported on.  This develops the capacity of our partners and their volunteers and will encourage them to develop further confidence and competence in their local works.  

    Training Team

    BES Champions