About Bibletime

Fun-filled activity worksheets for children!


ability levels

with suggested age guides

Level 0


Level 1

Age 5-7

Level 2

Age 8-10

Level 3

Age 11-13

Level 4

Age 14+


lessons per A4 booklet

covering the main Bible stories & characters


year syllabus per level

A, B & C series, all equally pitched


booklet options

A4 (mainly UK & Ireland) and A5 (mainly International)


lesson per week

for 15 years!

What is Bibletime?

Bibletime is written, designed, edited, and published by BES UK (Bible Educational Services). It is distributed in printed copies by Postal Bible Schools to children and young people around the world. It can also be downloaded from this website FREE of charge.

Bibletime is a monthly course of fun-filled activity sheets designed to help learners engage with the Bible. It can be completed individually or in a group setting. It is available in 5 levels with a suggested reading age* for each level (see below). The 3-year syllabus is divided into A, B and C Series and is pitched equally throughout. Each Series combines Bible teaching from both the Old and New Testaments. The aim is to complete one A4 booklet per month. Generally, the booklets contain the same story across the levels to make it easier to teach a mixed ability class.

Which A4 Bibletime booklet do I choose?

Level 0


Bible stories, simple puzzles and colouring

Level 1

*Age 5-7

Bible stories, colouring, puzzles and questions

Level 2

*Age 8-10

More advanced Bible stories and tasks, with Key Verses to learn.

Level 3

*Age 11-13

Deeper level Bible readings, questions and activities with Key Verses to learn.

Level 4

*Age 14+

Advanced Bible readings, more complex questions and Key Verses to learn.

…and the kids can track their progress by colouring their own personal Timeline.

Also available: A5 Bibletime Booklets.

These are distributed outside of the UK and Ireland in English and in many other languages.  They can be downloaded FREE from this website. They are available in 4 levels (1-4) and contain similar material to the A4 Bibletime Booklets but are condensed in size. Each booklet comprises of 6 months of weekly lessons.

These can be downloaded from the lesson download page.

Teachers, Leaders and Youth Workers…

We’ve done the hard work for you!

There’s a FREE Teacher Lesson Plan for every lesson!

We provide a full A4 page with Learning Intentions: how to introduce the lesson, teach the main points, help the children learn the Key Verse and review what they have been taught. There are also FREE downloadable links to Free Bible Images for every story in the Appendices.

How do I get Bibletime and much does it cost?

It can be downloaded here FREE of charge. It is available to schools and home students FREE of charge from a Postal Bible School (PBS). Click here to find your nearest PBS or Contact Us. A small charge per booklet is levied on churches and clubs/organisations in the UK and Ireland to help towards the cost of professional printing by BES (UK), which is a faith-based non-profit charity.


Bibletime has also been developed into an App called SunScool which is available to download for free on Android and Apple devices.