The Team

The people behind BES.

The Trustees


DJ Watts

+ About DJ

DJ is married to Heather and has two children, Tom and Rachel. DJ is a Consultant Psychiatrist, specialising in mental health addiction. Both DJ and Heather have had a long association with Postal Bible School, helping in Postal Sunday School camps in Southern Ireland and involved in the development of and leadership of the Living Word Postal Bible School in Stoke on Trent.


Pam Harknett

+ About Pam

Pam works with a couple of groups engaged in school’s work in the Bishop’s Stortford and Harlow area. This covers over 30 primary schools. Her work includes assemblies, puppetry, and special children’s events. Pam is also part of the GLO admin team. Richard and Pam are members of Bishop’s Stortford Christian Assembly where Pam serves as children’s ministry leader. They have two children, Lucas and Emily.


Sam Balmer

Executive Director
+ About Sam

Sam & Louise serve the Lord full time in three areas of ministry – Bible Educational Services, Fermanagh Christian Fellowship and Sow2reap Trust. Sam is Executive Director of BES and Louise coordinates PBS Fermanagh, Tyrone & Armagh.


Allison Hill

Editorial Consultant
+ About Allison

Allison Hill took on her role as a Trustee in 2015. Allison presently works at the GLO Centre as PA to the General Director, Stephen McQuoid. She teaches Sunday school, runs Holiday Bible Clubs and camps in the UK and overseas. She also advises BES on issues in relation to Teaching Guidelines and Safeguarding Children. She lectures in Children’s Ministry to the Tilsley College students.


Stephen Gillham

Editorial Consultant
+ About Stephen

Stephen and Jean have been involved with Bibletime for over 35 years, and Stephen has been the main Editor for the lessons. When the BES Trust was set up in 2002 Stephen became a Trustee and Secretary of the BES Trust, which he has continued since the commencement of the Trust. Jean has supported Stephen in many ways throughout his service with BES. Stephen has travelled widely to visit BES Coordinators in a number of countries and reports on BES in churches, wherever his Ministry takes him, particularly in the South of England.


Pam Rainey

Trustee & Volunteer Finance Officer
+ About Pam

In November 2021 Pamela became a BES Trustee and the following February accepted the role of BES finance officer, volunteering one day a week in the office. She is married to Ken and has 4 adult children. Pamela is a Chartered Accountant and has considerable experience in her field. She enjoys walking and racket sports. 


Stuart Price

Strategic Consultant
+ About Stuart

Stuart and Susan have three boys and live in South Wales. For work, Stuart has held a number of Marketing and Managing Director roles. Their involvement with Postal Bible School began during university when they would spend their summer holidays in Southern Ireland “helping” Bert and Wendy Gray; Stuart remembers Bert being very patient and Wendy laughing a lot!


John Aitken

Mission Consultant
+ About John

John, originally from Scotland is now based in Bristol having moved south to take up roles in mission with OMF International and Echoes International. He has travelled widely with both charities and has a special interest in the Far East and China. John and his wife Pearl have two married daughters and 4 grandchildren who take up some of their time. He enjoys , sport, especially athletics and soccer and keeps fit by walking and cycling.



Angela Johnston

Operations Manager
+ About Angela

Angela is married to George, lives in Enniskillen and worked as a volunteer for BES before she joined the UK office team full time. She is the Operations Manager, responsible for liaising with our partners and overseas intermediaries, and the distribution of BES Resources worldwide. She produces the BES News, Prayer & Praise Newsletters and manages the arrangements for the International Conference alongside many other administrative duties.


Glenda Magee

Editor & Resource Developer
+ About Glenda

Glenda is married to Iain and has two children, Erin (16) and Oscar (13). In 2016 she left her teaching career in the will of the Lord, and later joined the BES office in Enniskillen as an Editor and Resource Developer. She writes, “I am greatly encouraged by the growth of Bibletime in local schools and churches, as we serve alongside our global coworkers, in reaching the next generation with the Good News of Christ.”


Stevie Walls

International Development Manager
+ About Stevie

Stevie lives in Northern Ireland, is married to Claire and they have two children; Reuben and Naomi.   After many years of being a BES Trustee and vice Principal of a primary school, he has now taken on the part-time role of BES International Development Manager. Stevie will be mainly involved in training and development. The remainder of his time will be spent serving the Lord in his local church in Castlereagh, Belfast where he is currently involved in youth ministry and leadership. 

Wider Team


Tamás Bozsóki

International Designer
+ About Tamás

Tamás lives in Hungary with his wife, Szilvia, has three married sons and two grandchildren. He is a qualified mechanical engineer and has a master’s degree in Theology.  He has been a full-time designer for BES since 2011 focusing on the international material. He co-ordinates the Hungarian Lessons and designs the Bibletime Lessons, Booklets and Teacher Guidelines in over 20 languages.


Steve McDonald

Graphic Design & Web Development
+ About Steve

Steve is the grandson of Bert Gray, one of the founders of BES. He is responsible for maintaining the consistency of the BES brand, designs the English Lessons and other associated BES material. He also designed and continually develops the BES website.


Bert & Wendy Gray

BES Ambassadors
+ About Bert & Wendy

Bert and his wife, Wendy commenced Postal Bible School in Ireland in 1958 by sending lessons to one girl in West Cork. As the work grew, they founded BES due to the growing number of Postal Bible Schools in Ireland and the UK. In 2000 they moved to live in Wales and although they took a step back from BES in 2012, Bert is still the Ambassador of BES. For more information see History.